Eric Trump Criticizes Joe Biden’s Delaware Visit, Despite His Dad’s Own Travel Schedule..

Eric Trump on Monday called out President Joe Biden for visiting his home in Delaware — and conveniently did not mention that his own father regularly left the White House to go to various properties he owned.

While discussing supply chain issues during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, the former president’s son criticized Biden.

“When Afghanistan is falling, guess what? You have President Biden, who is in Delaware not solving that problem,” Trump said. “Why is it that every person in the Biden Cabinet flees and runs away every single time there’s a problem as opposed to actually putting their head down, getting to work and solving the damn problem?”

Many Twitter users noted the discrepancy between Trump’s gripe and the actions of his father. As president, Donald Trump regularly used taxpayer money to visit his properties and play golf. He visited one of his Trump Organization properties on 428 days of his presidency, according to a Washington Post report from January.


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